Extend your phone or tablet's battery life


Why Use Charge-Check?

Most people overcharge their phone battery when they plug it in to charge overnight. Even a very low battery will recharge in a few hours. Leaving it plugged in overnight means the battery will continue to trickle charge for several hours. This uses electricity unnecessarily, and over time, will lead to a shortened battery life. Charge-Check provides battery overcharge protection to extend the lifespan of a battery.

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Charge-Check Connectivity Diagram

How Charge-Check Works

Simply connect between your manufacturer provided charger and phone. Charge-Check will detect when your phone battery is close to being fully charged and then, acting like a fuse, it will stop further charging. Battery overcharge protection couldn’t be easier!

Charge-Check Features and Benefits

HEALTHIER CHARGING. Charge-Check will keep your battery healthy for longer by protecting it from being constantly charged (trickle charged) once it approaches 100%.

SAVE MONEY. Using Charge-Check means batteries will last longer, which will improve the lifecycle cost of a phone.

ECO-FRIENDLY. When your battery lasts longer it means fewer batteries need to be disposed of. Help keep excess Lithium-ion batteries out of landfills, and save on electricity usage.

Advanced Features

While Charge-Check works out of the box as a plug and play device, it also has advanced features that allows users to configure the device’s timeout length between charging top-ups. Additionally, a “Night Mode is available to disable the LED’s during charging.

Not Just Phones and Tablets

Charge-Check works with any device with a lithium battery charged with a USB charger! And often those devices have no way indicating when a full charge is reached. Charge-Check monitors and protects these as well. Charge-Check also works with multiple connector types. As long as your charge cable has a standard USB A connection, Charge-Check can protect your device and extend the life of your battery.