Charge-Plus USB-C LAN


Do you require the reliability, speed, and security of a wired data connection? Or is WiFi not available? With Wi-Fi you can experience intermittent throughput, and for anyone requiring 100% up time, that simply is not acceptable. Hardwiring your device is the preferred way to go but using your USB-C port prevents charging and can drain your battery. The Charge-Plus USB-C Ethernet Adapter allows you to access an Ethernet port, and charge your mobile device battery at the same time.

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How Charge-Plus USB-C LAN Works

Using Charge-Plus USB-C LAN is easy. Just connect the Charge-Plus USB-C Ethernet Adapter to your device and plug in your Ethernet and existing charge cable.  (If you remove the power connector, your device will maintain it’s data connection, but the battery will not be charging.)

Charge-Plus USB-C LAN Features and Benefits

  • Works with any Ethernet-enabled network or device
  • Use with approved USB-C charger – the official one that comes with your phone or tablet
  • Quick connect – plug and play
  • 8″ Cable included
  • Built in Canada